ERP Communications & Impact

ERP’s Overview Slides (2016) are a useful way for Members and colleagues to reference ERP and its work among the organisations you belong to or engage with.

Stakeholder Engagement & Iterative WoW:

ERP is currently working on a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy that will soon feature on this page. The Co-chairs, Secretariat, Analysis Team & ERP Members will all have input to this document. NB: This document has been delayed until the new Consortium Agreement Period begins in 2017.

The strategy will include:

  • Stakeholder Analysislogo
  • Aims of strategy
  • Measurement criteria for successful engagement and impact
  • A “living” database of current stakeholders, plus potential new stakeholders that ERP may wish to bring on board to ensure broad engagement and impact
  • Recommendations & guidelines for best practice


ERP is continuously looking to improve and ensure impact and to update our membership via the use of tailored tools and documents. For more information on our impact so far, please read: