2019 ERP Events

ERP Post Plenary Visit to Imperial College 13 February 2019

ABB, a member of the ERP and Imperial College hosted a post ERP plenary visit to the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Laboratories in the College used for student training and technology demonstration purposes. The tour involved a demonstration of the control room software and a walk around the functioning CCS plant.

The visit also included a tour of the ABB Digital Energy System, Network Control Room Laboratory, where digitalisation technologies that will be applied to future energy networks can be operated by students as part of their study work.

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Future Resilience of the UK Electricity System Birmingham

Report Summary     Download Summary Report

This event was held on the 15 January at the Energy Systems Catapult in Birmingham

10:00 Introduction: Sam Stephens, Atkins                                         Presentation Slides

  • About ERP
  • Project Background
  • Project Membership

10:20 Key Findings of ERP Resilience Report: Peter Jones, ERP   Presentation Slides

  • Overview of Project
  • Key Drivers Identified
  • Conclusions and Recommendation

11:00 Resilience Planning for the Future: Chair Sam Stephens, Atkins

  • National Infrastructure Commission: Matt Crossman                Presentation Slides
  • National Grid: Owen Wilkes                                                             Presentation Slides
  • Arup: Juliet Mian, Associate Director                                            Presentation Slides
  • Resilience First, Robert Hall                                                            Presentation Slides 

12:00 Finish