Dr Robert Sorrell

Group Head of Technology

Robert Sorrell is BP’s Vice President for Public Partnerships. He is the Associate Director for the BP International Centre for Advanced Materials; a 10 year $100m investment by BP with the hub at the University of Manchester and spokes at the University of Cambridge, Imperial College and the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.   Robert is also BP’s technology policy advisor for the UK and EU.

Prior to this, in 2006 Robert was appointed as BP’s Vice President for Refining & Marketing Technology Strategy.   In this role Robert was responsible for developing BP’s long term technology strategy across its global fuels, lubricants, refining and chemicals businesses. Robert also managed BP’s global hydrogen transport business with operational responsibility for a global network of refuelling sites.

Robert joined BP in 1987 from Durham University having earlier completed his PhD at Cambridge University. During his early career, he held a number of research, business and market development roles. In 2001 Robert became Marketing Director for Europe and Asia. In this role he was responsible for developing and implementing customer segmentation and pricing strategy for the chemicals businesses. In 2003 Robert took over as Technology Strategy Manager for Refining & Marketing. In 2005 Robert was appointed Technology Vice President for Business Marketing. He was responsible for co-ordinating technology activities across BP’s air, marine, industrial lubricants and bitumen businesses.

Robert is on the Board of Breathing Buildings, a natural ventilation company, as a non-executive Director. He is also on the board of the UK Technology Strategy Board.


BP is one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, with a workforce of nearly 100,000 employees, serving millions of customers every day in more than 100 countries across six continents.

The purpose of our business is to provide products that satisfy human needs, fuel progress and economic growth and to maintain and invest in a sustainable environment.

Our business is energy, including exploration and production, pipelines and shipping, refining, marketing, natural gas and alternative energy. Through these business segments, we provide fuel for transportation, retail brands and energy for heat and light.

Our upstream activities include oil production and natural gas exploration and production, together with the management of crude oil and natural gas pipelines, processing and export terminals.

Our downstream operations refine, transport, sell and trade crude oil and petroleum products in over 100 countries. They include oil refineries, petrol stations, lubricants, business marketing and chemicals (Aromatics & Acetyls) businesses.

Alternative Energy, which BP launched in 2005, consolidates all of our low-carbon activities in the power sector. Solar, wind, hydrogen power and gas-fired power technologies have the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and we believe we can create a profitable, high-growth, global business in the course of the next decade.

BP is a leader in our industry and is committed to operating responsibly and to taking wider action on issues affecting the energy industry, most notably climate change.