ERP Workshop: Barriers to System-Wide Energy Storage

Date: Thursday 14 April 2016

Energy Storage wordle for web

On 14 April 2016, ERP organised and facilitated a workshop to discuss Barriers to System-Wide Energy Storage. The workshop is part of a wider ongoing project which will result in a publication in October 2016 (objectives below).

A broad range of workshop attendees from across the energy system – from the electricity, gas, heat, hydrogen and transport sectors – specifically with knowledge relating to the financial, legal, political, commercial and regulatory challenges for energy storage – were invited to help ERP uncover the barriers and in turn, inform our project work.

Documents provided in support of this workshop include:

  1. Key Insights from the day
  2. Results from an interactive voting session that workshop attendees took part in on the day;
  3. A full detailed summary of workshop paper with notes of per table discussions, a panel session & debate, and presentation from DECC regarding its recent ‘Towards a Smart Energy System’ publication and upcoming Call for Evidence on Smart Energy.

Additionally, presentations from the workshop are provided below:

For information regarding the wider project work, please visit the ERP Barriers to Energy Storage project webpage or contact Lead ERP Analyst, Helen K Thomas.