ERP Industry Workshop on Heat Pumps


The workshop focussed on three aspects: customer offer, supply chain development and system implications. The key points that arose in the discussion were:

  • As the UK invests in energy system for the future, there is an opportunity to ensure a coordinated transition that avoids additional costs.
  • Installing heat pumps could put unexpected pressure on local energy supply networks. Policy decisions need to be clearly targeted, so electricity and gas network and transmission companies can predict and plan upgrades and allocate their regulated financial resources.
  • Clear, long-term policy objectives are vital if industry is to invest in developing the supply chains and necessary infrastructure. Some performance improvements and cost reduction would be delivered if the market was available.
  • Local authorities could play an important role in delivering the transition to low-carbon heat through, for example, assessment of heating options. But, they would require more duties and powers, and would also need to enhance their capacity, capability and tools.

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