Heat Options Workshop

As part of its Transition to Low-Carbon Heat project, ERP held a workshop on 18 July 2017 to present and discuss its analysis of the various low-carbon heat options. Participants came from across the energy sector including network companies, academics, appliance manufacturers, consultancies, policy makers and government agencies.

The workshop sought to test the assumptions and actions needed to deliver the various options. These included, heat options dependent on the gas grid, including:

  • Hydrogen,
  • Bio-gas & bio-SNG,
  • Hybrid heat pumps and micro-CHP.

And options that are not dependent on the gas grid:

  • Electric heat pumps,
  • Waste heat,
  • Biomass and bioenergy

For each option it was intended to identify:

  • Potential – scale of deployment of the different options
  • Timeframes – for delivery and implications if it changes
  • Dependencies, interdependencies and constraints:
    • affecting deployment e.g. physical, geographic
    • with other options / networks / infrastructure
  • Risks – Factors that would accelerate, reduce or delay deployment
  • Actions – by whom, by when, required to bring them to market – R&D, trials, regulation

It also considered the impact on each option of:

  • CHP and heat networks
  • significant demand reduction
  • energy storage (household/local/national).


Presentation: option analysis