ERP report on Grid Flexibility released today – 13 August 2015


ERP’s report entitled “Managing Flexibility whilst decarbonising the GB Electricity System” has officially been released today, Thursday 13 August.

The report has already received a great deal of interest and a number of follow-up studies and model upgrades are being commissioned as this report is being published.

Conclusions from the report include:

  • A system with weather dependent renewables needs companion low carbon technologies to provide firm capacity.
  • Policy makers and system operators need to value services that ensure grid stability so new providers feel a market pull.
  • A holistic approach to system cost would better recognise the importance of firm low carbon technologies and the cost of balancing the system.

ERP would like to thank the project steering group and all others who contributed or provided comments on the project work.

For background information, view the managing flexibility project page