Carbon Capture and Storage



ERP regards CCS as an important technology and has worked to help accelerate its development. Much of the work was in 2009, but ERP continues to monitor progress. Details of the presentations and discussions by the ERP and other published work can be found below.


Fossil fuels are a major part of the global energy mix and will remain so for many years to come. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies are being proposed as a means of reducing carbon emissions from a range of sources, including from coal and gas fired power stations and from industry.  Tackling these emissions with CCS will significantly increase the prospect of tackling global climate change and is therefore a priority.

ERP’s work in this area aims to provide an overview of the development of CCS and provide input to inform decisions about demonstration projects. This includes identifying engineering gaps and strategies, such as clustering projects, but also putting UK activity in an international context, to identify UK advantage and opportunities for collaboration.

The ERP Plenary meeting discussed CCS at two of its meetings in 2009.

Industry members from ERP have also responded to government consultations.  These include responses to:

  • DECC consultation Framework for the Development of Clean Coal, Sept 2009
  • BERR consultation Towards Carbon Capture and Storage, Sept 2008

Conclusions and Recommendations

The UK must not delay in delivering large scale demonstration projects if it is to benefit from the commercial opportunities that will be available and also to allow fossil fuels to contribute to a secure, low carbon energy system in the UK.

Public funding mechanisms to promote the development and demonstration of the various CCS technologies need to provide confidence to encourage investment in the early projects. Costs could be significantly reduced if the projects are clustered around a common CO2 pipeline network.

A number of demonstration projects are planned across the EU. These should be coordinated to ensure that these projects demonstrate a wide range of technologies as early as possible, so as to understand their costs and potential.

Project Working Group

Doosan Power Systems, Shell, Alstom, DECC, ERP Analysis Team

Recent activities

ERP continues to monitor progress and it is often considered within the context of other projects, such as the Industrial Energy Efficiency project and International Engagement.

Further Information

Please contact the ERP Analysis Team

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