Energy Technologies Matrix

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Technology matrix


The Energy Research Partnership’s report on ‘UK Energy Innovation’ identified 12 key technology sectors which were expected to transform the UK’s energy landscape, making dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions whilst maintaining secure access to competitive sources of energy. That report set out the support available in each sector along the full innovation chain.
In this project, the status and development needs of 150 specific technologies were studied, to aid public and private sector decision makers in the targeting of energy RDD&D support.


The assessment followed a rigorous process, with detailed input from experts in each field, and a workshop to peer-review the results. A range of barriers and enablers to bringing each technology to commercial deployment were considered, to produce an intricate and information-rich matrix. This technologies matrix shows the complexity of the energy innovation landscape and will be kept under review to provide an up-to-date resource for business, funders and policy makers.


The report was published in March 2009:

Project report and summary of the Technologies Matrix
Energy Technologies Matrix

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