ERP is a public-private partnership that seeks to guide and accelerate innovation in the energy sector through enhancing dialogue and collaboration.

We recently consulted with our broad membership and identified a range of topics deemed important for the future energy system. ERP is seeking wider feedback on each of these, before incorporating a narrower selection into our programme of work. Utilising the valuable insight that ERP can offer will help identify the challenges faced in these areas and the practical solutions to overcome them.

ERP’s Analysis Team & Secretariat have therefore prepared the following series of opinion pieces exploring these topics, available to read as follows:

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-11-46-411. Whole system / cross-vector energy sector considerations

ERP Head of Analysis, Andy Boston outlines the key issues for whole systems considerations – and the interaction, opportunities and trade-offs between power, heat (cooling), and transport in the transition to decarbonisation.

slide12. Cost and feasibility of future energy solutions

ERP Industry Secretariat, Sam Stephens and Head of Analysis, Andy Boston consider the direction our energy system is headed and the ultimate price to the consumer. Can prices rise whilst costs reduce?

shutterstock_3819868783. Autonomous vehicles – the pace of adoption, transition and their effect on the energy sector 

ERP Industry Secretariat, Sam Stephens also looks at the emerging trends in the transportation sector and considers the emergence of a technology trifecta; autonomy, connectivity and electrification.

4. Digitisation, Artificial Super Intelligence and Energyshutterstock_335656985

ERP Executive Analyst, Mark Workman considers the rapidly evolving technology landscape, the effect it is having and will continue to have on the energy sector. How can we capitalise on the benefits technology offers?

shutterstock_864377715. Maintaining future grid flexibility

ERP Head of Analysis, Andy Boston reflects on how the world has changed since ERP delivered its work on ways to maintain a flexible grid whilst decarbonising the energy system – and what should be considered going forward.

6. Emerging technologies, low carbon solutions and recommendations for investmentshutterstock_74227666

ERP Executive Analyst, Richard Heap reflects on the outcomes from ERP’s Horizon Scanning work and the emerging technologies that will help decarbonise the energy system. How should we prioritise investment to accelerate innovation?

7. Greenhouse Gas Removal Technologiesshutterstock_184838438

ERP Executive Analysts, Mark Workman & Richard Heap consider the potential importance of greenhouse gas removal, its impact on the energy system and whether it can be relied on to help address the more challenging greenhouse gas emissions.

If you have thoughts on these issues, or suggestions for additional topics, we would love to hear from you. Please consider How We Work in your responses sent to:

Thank you!